The Family Disease: Addiction Symptoms in Families

Addiction is a family disease — and that doesn’t just mean that it’s partially caused by genetics. It’s not “contagious,” but addiction does affect almost everyone that it touches, and in a variety of ways. For that reason, the entire family of an individual struggling with addiction deserves support and healing. Has an addicted husband, sister, cousin, or other loved one caused pain and heartbreak in your family? Read on for more understanding of addiction symptoms in families.

Addiction Symptoms in Families: Denial 

Denial is not just a symptom of addiction for the individual who is struggling. Family members of people with substance use disorder often struggle with denial as well. It can be painful to admit that a loved one has fallen into addiction, but being honest with yourself and with your loved one is the only way to heal. Not sure if you can be objective? Review our symptoms of addiction checklist to see if there may be a problem right under your nose.

Addiction Symptoms in Families: Mood Swings

Drastic mood swings are one of the hallmark signs of substance abuse. But, did you know that they can show up in other family members as well? If you catch yourself falling into a funk or snapping into a rage when your loved one’s addiction is activated, you may be affected by their illness more than you realize.

Addiction Symptoms in Families: Financial Problems

Dealing with an addicted husband or loved one can drain your bank account — even if you're not the one picking up the bar tab. Paying for legal troubles or residential addiction treatment can get expensive. If your loved one isn’t working as much due to their habits, that can strain the family finances even further. Is it really just a financial rough patch or could your loved one’s drinking or drug use be to blame?

Addiction Symptoms in Families: Shame & Isolation

Paradoxically, addiction causes people to hide away just when they need the support of others most. This is true for the family members of addicted individuals, as well. There’s no reason to be ashamed, but the cultural stigma around drug and alcohol abuse can cause family members to try to cover up for their loved ones. Keeping secrets and wallowing in shame makes it hard to connect with others, and isolation is often the end result. Rather than reach out to a friend to help, it’s easy to get stuck in the misery.

Getting Help for Addiction in a Family

If you have a loved one who is struggling with drug or alcohol use, you’re struggling, too. You don’t have to go it alone. At Sunflower Recovery drug and alcohol rehab near Kansas City, our caring team of experts can help you identify whether your loved one would benefit from residential addiction treatment near Kansas City. Call our team or send a chat. We’ll listen to their story and the situation in your family, and work with you to find what type of addiction treatment will work for all of you. Our team can verify your insurance benefits, explain our family programming, and take you through the typical planning for aftercare. Isn’t it time you let new hope bloom for your family?

The Family Disease: Addiction Symptoms in Families