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Addiction doesn't just hurt the individual struggling with drugs or alcohol; it hurts their family too. So, when a client begins their own healing process in our residential addiction treatment program, we also can share resources to help mend the family at the same time.



Addiction & Families

At Sunflower, our goal is to prepare our clients for life after they graduate from our program. A healthy and stable home life is key to success, and that’s why we involve families in the recovery process - when clients are open to it.

Family Communication

As a family member of a patient, your link to Sunflower begins within the first 24 hours, when we’ll give you an update of how your loved one is settling in. After that, one of our clinicians will give you a call every week to provide you with updates on the progress your loved one is making as they begin their new life.




Is Your Loved One Struggling With Addiction?

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