5 Benefits of VIOP: How a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program Could Save Your Life

Telehealth services have been around since 1959 when doctors at the University of Nebraska used two-way video communication to consult over neurological examinations. It wasn’t until COVID hit in 2019, however, that we saw telemedicine become widely used within the behavioral health field. While many clinicians were at first skeptical of the efficacy of video sessions in place of in-person visits, the social distancing guidelines made it the only option for continuing care. The results spoke for themselves. Data collected since 2019 has proven VIOP’s to be just as effective as traditional treatment options. Virtual intensive outpatient programs are another resource in the battle against addiction. They provide key benefits to those suffering and can save lives. 


Enhanced Accessibility 


Traditionally, substance abuse treatment programs have been clustered around major metropolitan areas and required in-person sessions. For those that live in rural or remote areas,  treatment availability was limited or non-existent. VIOP’s leveled the playing field by providing access to treatment no matter where someone lived. Through video conferencing, individuals are able to tap into therapeutic sessions from the comfort of their homes and on their schedule. Transportation issues, schedule conflicts, and geographical barriers were all eliminated. 


Flexibility & Convenience 


The level of flexibility and convenience afforded by VIOP rivals anything that traditional therapeutic approaches could offer. With treatment sessions offered online, individuals can schedule help around their work, school, or family schedules. This increases the likelihood of success and follow-through as treatment is less disruptive and more sustainable. Tons of people go without treatment every year because they don’t think they can take time away from work, their families, etc. VIOP’s remove these barriers to treatment. 


Customized Treatment Plan


There is a common misconception that virtual intensive outpatient programs are cookie cutter. That they are a one-size-fits all approach where every person that comes through is given the exact same treatment plan. In reality, VIOP’s offer the same personalized treatment plan that a traditional rehab facility would give someone. Each individual receives a comprehensive assessment and that information is used to curate a tailored approach that takes into account the unique needs and goals of each person. 


Privacy & Reduced Stigma


Unfortunately, there is still a fair amount of judgment and stigma surrounding addiction and mental health. This stigma can hinder people that need help from getting it. They worry about being judged, about potential ramifications to their social standing or career. Virtual intensive outpatient programs are attended from the privacy of your home so your anonymity is guaranteed. 


Ongoing Support & Connectivity


Treatment is often the first step in the recovery journey. It is the work that is done afterwards that paves the way for long-term success. VIOP’s recognize this and provide aftercare services to foster support and accountability. Just because you’ve finished the program doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to your therapist and peers. It is encouraged to continue these relationships and lean on each other. This community helps to foster healthy decision making and reduce the risk of relapse. 


VIOP combines evidence-based traditional treatment modalities with the convenience and accessibility of Telehealth. This brings the best of both worlds together to provide much needed help to those suffering. People that might not otherwise have access to treatment or felt that it wasn’t possible due to their responsibilities are able to get treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. It is saving lives. 

If you or a loved one has interest in attending a virtual intensive outpatient program, call Sunflower Recovery today.

Why VIOP is Right For You