One Size Doesn’t Fit All: 4 Ways Sunflower Recovery Center Personalizes Individual Addiction Treatment Programs

It is our belief that when it comes to behavioral health treatment, the recognition that everyone’s journey is their own is fundamental. Our philosophy is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming addiction and mental health issues. In this blog, we'll explore the innovative and personalized approaches that set Sunflower Recovery Center apart, outlining four key ways in which our individualized addiction treatment programs cater to the distinct needs of each person seeking a path to recovery.


Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: Unraveling the Layers Together


A recent study found that over 35% of adults with a substance use disorder had a co-occurring mental health disorder. Sunflower Recovery Center is aware of these statistics and the prevalence of mental health issues that underlie addiction. That’s why we’re proud to offer dual-diagnosis treatment and feature it as a cornerstone of our approach. These illnesses occur simultaneously and should be treated the same way. Addressing both addiction and mental health concurrently provides a comprehensive and interconnected treatment experience. 

At Sunflower we have a host of clinical and medical professionals help us identify, diagnose, and treat any co-occurring disorder. We’re able to create personalized treatment plans based on your unique situation and needs. This integrated approach fosters a more holistic and sustainable recovery with better long-term outcomes. 


Trauma-Informed Care: Creating a Safe Haven


Too many of us carry around the weight of past traumas. Doing this can hinder our recovery and impact our ability to heal and move forward. The staff at Sunflower Recovery Center is trained to understand the impact of trauma on addiction and recovery. We work to create a safe space with trauma-informed care, acknowledging your experiences and allowing you to heal at your own pace. Our top priorities are safety, trust, and empowerment. 

Trauma-informed care acknowledges the individual's experiences and promotes a sense of control and empowerment throughout the healing process. Through this approach, clients are supported in processing and healing from past traumas, paving the way for a more resilient recovery journey. 


Specialized Treatment Tracks: Your Recovery, Your Way


The best fitting suits are tailored and the most effective treatment programs are tailor-made for you. Every person that comes through Sunflower arrives under different circumstances. Because of this, we believe every person should have a customized treatment plan which is we offer specialized treatment paths for people with individualized needs. 

Whether you’re an athlete or recovering from an eating disorder, we have flexible treatment plans so you can overcome your addiction and stay on track with your recovery goals. This approach is like having a playlist for your recovery, with each track catering to your unique needs and preferences.


Alumni Community: Lifelong Connections for Lasting Success


Aftercare is just as important as primary care. Stepping down from residential treatment is just the beginning of the recovery process. That’s why building a strong support system is crucial for long-term recovery. Sunflower Recovery Center recognizes this and places great emphasis on the connectivity of our alumni community.

The Sunflower alumni network provides a web of support, accountability, connection, and inspiration. Although you may be leaving our physical campus upon completing your program, as a Sunflower alum, you’ll always be a part of our family. Stay connected with like-minded people who’ve known and overcome similar challenges as you. Regular events, support groups, and meetings fosters continued success in maintaining a sober lifestyle. Recovery is a lifelong process - our alumni community is here to support you. 


Develop Your Personalized Treatment Plan


In a world where everyone's story is different, Sunflower Recovery Center is here to make sure your recovery story is truly yours. 

Call today to speak with our admissions team about how we can craft a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. If we can’t provide what you’re looking for, we will help you find a program that can. That’s our guarantee to you. Call today. 

The Sunflower Difference