Does Insurance Pay for Rehab? The Truth About Your Coverage

You are tired of your addiction. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, the continued use and the path of destruction it causes can leave a massive wake. It can impact your job, your relationship with your family, you can lose friends and you can even find yourself in trouble with the law. It is almost too much! That is when you reach rock bottom and are ready to start the recovery process.

Some, sadly, are scared off from recovery because of the price tags they see on various sites. It can run in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. It’s enough to make some people question how anyone can afford rehab.

Don’t fret. Many people can use their health insurance to pay for drug and alcohol rehab. It can help lower the cost and make rehab in reach for everyday people.

Truth: It’s Required

The Affordable Care Act made it a requirement for health insurance providers such as Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield to provide some coverage for rehab. However, the exact coverage and how much these organizations will pay can vary greatly.

It is best to check with your health insurance provider or plan to determine what parts of drug rehab are covered. That way there are no surprises when you enter treatment.

Most health insurance plans will cover areas such as detox, rehab and continued care. They can help pay the cost to get started on the road to recovery.

Truth: Your Employer Don’t Know

Just because you use your health insurance to help cover the cost of drug or alcohol rehab, it does not mean that your employer will find out. In fact, federal health protection laws give you secrecy in your treatment.

Without your written consent, your employer can not view your medical records. So, if you use your health insurance for rehab – it doesn’t mean your workplace has to know.

Truth: It won’t show up on a background check

The good news is that if you use health insurance to pay for drug or alcohol rehab, it won’t show up on a background check. Now, if you find yourself in legal trouble because of your addiction, that could potentially show up. But the fact you attended rehab will not appear in a background check.

So if a new or current employer does a background check, they won’t know about your rehab stay. Potential employers are also barred from asking a candidate if they have ever been in drug or alcohol rehab.

Truth: We Are Here To Help

If you are ready to start the road to recovery, reach out to our staff at Sunflower Recovery Center to start the process today. They can talk to you about your drug or alcohol condition. They can also begin to find the best treatment options so you can start to live a sober life.

Remember, addiction is a disease and there are countless people that want to see you succeed in breaking the cycle of addiction.

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab? The Truth About Your Coverage