Drug & Alcohol Rehab: Expectations vs. Reality

Choosing to enter residential drug or alcohol addiction treatment could be the most important decision of your life. Far too often, though, it’s one that people delay for months out of fear, denial, or indecision. In some cases, that delay goes on indefinitely until it’s too late. All you need to grow a new life is a tiny seed of hope. Take a look through these truths about drug and alcohol rehab, and take action to change your life.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Expectation: Drug and alcohol rehab is a strict, grim, depressing experience.

Rehab Reality: Addiction treatment is where new hope blooms.

If everything you know about drug and alcohol addiction treatment comes from movies, TV, or songs about saying “No” to rehab, then it’s understandable you wouldn’t exactly be rushing to sign up. Historically, addiction treatment has been depicted as a painful, uncomfortable, and generally negative experience. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

At Sunflower Recovery, for example, residential addiction treatment clients live at our comfortable facility in the expansive sunflower fields of Kansas. Surrounded by a caring staff, you’ll work through your problems at your own pace and with plenty of support, taking breaks for basketball games and other experiences meant to reintroduce you to the joy of life without drugs and alcohol. 

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the stresses of normal life: your meals, lodging, and care are totally covered, 24/7 while work and family pressure go on pause.

If you’ve been living in active addiction, getting treatment could be the best experience you’ve had in a while.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Expectation: Going to rehab is going to make me feel worse about myself than I already feel.

Rehab Reality: In treatment, you can uproot your trauma and start fresh.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is not about shaming you or blaming you for your behaviors. Today, we know that drug & alcohol abuse are only surface-level problems that indicate the existence of deeper wounds. Addiction is rooted by underlying trauma and mental health issues — only to be healed with the right treatment. In addiction treatment, you’ll go through therapeutic treatments to heal your existing emotional issues and will learn tools to help you cope with life successfully in the future. With Masters-level clinicians crafting your treatment plan, you’ll receive treatment that’s specifically targeted to deal with your problems, needs, and goals.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Expectation: Drug and alcohol treatment won’t work for me. I’ve tried.

Rehab Reality: This could be the time that changes your life.

It’s a sad fact that most people don’t find lasting addiction recovery on the first try: Anywhere from 40 to 60% of people with addiction will experience relapse at some point in their recovery journey. If you’ve tried and failed to get clean and sober, you might think that addiction treatment just won’t work for you. 

Don’t give up before you give yourself a chance at lasting freedom from addiction. Have your past treatments been customized by a team of experts building a program specifically for you? That kind of professional care could make the difference.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Expectation: Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is too expensive for me. 

Rehab Reality: Many treatment centers accept a variety of insurances and will work with you to make treatment affordable.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment may be more affordable than you think. The best way to find out the true cost of treatment for you is to verify your insurance. Give our admissions team a call and they will work with your insurance company to find out exactly what is covered on your plan. Trust the experts to help you figure out the true cost of addiction treatment – with no surprises. 

Get Help For Drug & Alcohol Addiction

What else is holding you back from changing your life for the better? Give us a call and share your concerns. We’ll help walk you through the reality of what addiction treatment looks like, so you can break the cycle of addiction and blossom into the person you always wanted to be, with a new and better life in addiction recovery. 


Drug & Alcohol Rehab: Expectations vs. Reality