The Greatest Gift: Helping a Loved One Go to Rehab this Season

The holidays have a different feel when a loved one is struggling with addiction. Even the happiest moments have an undercurrent of fear, and there’s a constant sense that the other shoe is about to drop. But, there is another way. If you’re considering drug or alcohol rehab for a loved one this holiday season, don’t wait until the new year to explore addiction treatment.

Does Your Loved One Need Rehab? 

Is your loved one really sick enough for residential addiction treatment? The core definition of substance use disorder is having a compulsion to drink or use drugs even when that behavior is having a negative impact on your life. Are you able to see that negative impact in your loved one’s life? 

How are their relationships today? Are they having problems at work? Trouble with the law? Have they been facing financial difficulties or asking you for loans? Do they look different physically, or have they been acting differently in recent months? Answering yes to any of those questions could be an indication that they need help getting clean and sober.

What Happens in Rehab?

The reality is that almost anyone can benefit from a stay in drug or alcohol rehab. Residential addiction treatment is focused on identifying and healing the underlying causes of problem drinking or drug addiction. Not only does that help people stay clean and sober; but also, it allows them to live a happier life in general.

Upon arrival at rehab, your loved one will meet with our clinical team to discuss their challenges, needs, and goals. From there, the clinical team develops a customized treatment plan to efficiently and holistically treat your loved one. Each day of residential addiction treatment involves several elements of the overall treatment plan. For example, your loved one might start the morning having breakfast with new friends in our group kitchen. From there, they would go on to a group therapy session, followed by one-on-one counseling. The afternoon might have free time for reading, journaling, or a cozy nap. Throughout treatment, the clinical team also will work with your loved one to make an aftercare plan that will allow them to continue to build a life in recovery even after addiction treatment.

Rehab for the Holidays

Is it really OK to send a loved one to rehab for the holidays? It might just be the best gift you ever give them. In doing so, you’ll be starting a new path to happier memories for your family, instead of creating another year’s worth of sad and disappointing ones. You also could be saving their life: The CDC reports that fatal overdoses increase in December and January.

Paying for Rehab

Paying for rehab also might be easier over the holidays than any other time of year. Most insurance plans require you to hit a certain deductible number before your provider takes on more responsibility for payment. By the end of the year, you are probably closer to or have exceeded that number due to medical care you received earlier in the year. Entering rehab in December could mean that more of your loved one’s treatment is covered before the deductible resets in January. Call our team of experts to learn more about what your insurance or your loved one’s plan will cover. We’re here for you day and night to plant this seed of hope: 2023 could be the best year yet for your family.

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