What Happens In Rehab? A Guide for Families

Entering residential addiction treatment is intimidating — and not just for the individual admitting. The entire family is affected when a loved one enters treatment, and the entire family should feel prepared for what happens in rehab. What is dual-diagnosis treatment, anyways? And what’s the best addiction treatment program for a loved one? This guide for families can help.

What is Residential Addiction Treatment?

First, what is residential addiction treatment? Often known as “rehab,” residential addiction treatment is live-in clinical care for individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Residential addiction treatment offers an environment of abstinence for people to address the underlying causes of their addiction and learn to live while clean and sober. That can include individual counseling, group therapy, activities, and other innovative modalities. Residents also learn relapse prevention tips, and strategies for coping in the real world without drugs and alcohol. All meals are provided, and leisure activities are built into the daily schedule to allow each resident processing time to heal.

What is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment? 

Today, many treatment programs offer a “dual-diagnosis” path. Dual-diagnosis treatment addresses both substance use disorder AND any underlying trauma or mental health issues at the same time. Addiction and such mental health challenges often go hand-in-hand, so healing one allows a clinician to more successfully treat the other. Exploring dual-diagnosis treatment while in a residential setting is a powerful way to get lasting freedom from addiction — and any other behavioral health issues. Dual-diagnosis treatment often incorporates treatment modalities like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or DBT (dialectic behavior therapy) as appropriate.

Do You Have a Family Program? 

At Sunflower Recovery in Osawatomie, Kansas, the families of residents are part of our program, too. Wednesday night is family night at Sunflower, and if you can’t visit in person, we’ll organize Zooms or other calls to help you feel a part of the treatment process. Addiction is a family disease, and the entire family can plant the seed for a new life with the expert and empathetic team at Sunflower.

What Comes After Rehab? 

From the first day in rehab, we start planning for what comes after. Aftercare planning lays the foundation for an individual’s life in recovery. Our team works closely with each resident to build a plan that addresses their weaknesses and takes advantage of their strengths. A good aftercare plan empowers a resident to pursue their dreams while maintaining the recovery they have built in treatment. Aftercare planning may include recovery-supportive housing in a sober living, continued treatment in an intensive outpatient program, 12 Step meetings, and more.

Get Help for Addiction Near Kansas City

If you think residential addiction treatment could be a fit for your loved one, contact our team. We’ll listen to your story, verify your insurance, and help you and your family decide on next steps. Even if your destination isn’t Sunflower, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you feel heard and supported as you begin the journey to recovery. Give us a call today to get started.

What Happens In Rehab? A Guide for Families