The Best Addiction Treatment Programs for a Loved One

Finding the best addiction treatment program for a loved one can be one of the most important things that you ever do — and the most challenging. It can be hard to understand all of the types of addiction treatment that are available, to choose the best rehab for your loved one, and — of course — to figure out how to pay for treatment. Knowledge is power, so read on for all you need to know about the best addiction treatment programs for a loved one.

What Happens in Rehab? 

First, does your loved one even need to go to addiction treatment at all? Addiction treatment may be a help to someone whose life has been affected by their drinking or drug use. You don’t have to wait for a “rock bottom” moment; you can reach out for help even at the first signs of a struggle.

In addiction treatment, your loved one will do several things simultaneously: With a team of clinical experts, they will heal the underlying trauma or mental health issues that caused them to drink or use drugs in the first place. Then, they’ll learn strategies for relapse prevention, and skills for coping without substance abuse. One-on-one counseling will help them work through their emotions about their new life path, and group counseling can help them feel like they’re not alone in getting clean and sober.

No matter what type of addiction treatment you choose for a loved one, it will be a focused treatment plan dedicated to getting them clean and sober quickly, and keeping them that way for a long time.

Residential Addiction Treatment Near Kansas City

In residential addiction treatment, your loved one would live 24/7 at a drug and alcohol treatment facility from 30 to 90 days. This allows them to focus 100% on getting well, without the stressors of normal daily life. They’ll also benefit from round-the-clock support from a team of experts dedicated to their healing. Residential addiction treatment is the most intensive form of addiction treatment possible, and offers the highest level of customized, comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment.

PHP & Intensive Outpatient Programs Near Kansas City 

If your loved one has a safe and stable home environment, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Programs) or Intensive Outpatient Programs might be a fit. In these programs, an individual lives at home while attending sessions several days per week, for several hours at a time. Individuals with medical complications or more serious addiction issues are often better served by residential addiction treatment, but PHP and IOP can be a more flexible alternative for people who wish to seek addiction treatment while working or attending school.

Aftercare Planning for Addiction 

Finally, all of our programs include extensive aftercare planning, to ensure that the healing done in addiction treatment lasts a lifetime. Our counselors work with each client to identify and plan for the risks of relapse after treatment. That may include recommendations of sober living, vocational training, or 12-Step immersion. The seed of a new life is planted in addiction treatment, but we’ll give you everything you need to make sure that it blossoms. 

Get Help for Addiction Near Kansas City

If your loved one is battling alcohol or drug abuse, you don’t have to face it alone. Call our caring team today to learn more about the best addiction treatment programs for your loved one and your family. We’ll walk this journey with you, to a better future.

The Best Addiction Treatment Programs for a Loved One