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“I’ll be home for Christmas,” is how the song goes — not, “I’ll be in rehab.” If you’re struggling with addiction this season, though, getting help sooner rather than later is the right choice for so many reasons. Think about why you shouldn’t wait to enter addiction treatment, and why rehab for Christmas might make this your best holiday season yet.

Get Clean Now: Save Yourself Heartbreak

No one wants to miss grandma’s latkes, presents under the tree, or counting down the New Year with friends. So, it can be tempting to delay going to rehab until after you’ve had one last chance to make happy memories. The reality is, however, that it’s more likely your addiction will give you one last stretch of unhappy ones. 

Think back to the last few holidays you’ve celebrated: Were they really worthy of a Hallmark movie? Or, did your drinking or drug use cause fights, disappointment, and tears? One more holiday season with addiction in the mix could mean one more series of humiliating and hurtful memories that you can’t take back. Going to rehab can help save you — and your friends and family — that heartbreak.

Get Clean & Sober Now: Save Money 

Paying for addiction treatment with insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. Many people are not aware that going to rehab at the end of the year can make addiction treatment more affordable. Most insurance plans have a deductible that you must hit before the insurance company benefits kick in. At the end of the year, it’s more likely that you are close to or have surpassed that number thanks to medical care that you or your family have received earlier in the year. In that case, your insurance company will end up paying for more of your treatment. Your deductible resets on January 1, so the sooner you begin addiction treatment, the more cost benefits you can realize. Verify your benefits on our site or by calling our team of experts, and learn what you can expect from rehab.

Get Clean & Sober Now: Save Your Life

It’s horrible to even have to think about, but if you wait until the new year to get clean and sober, you might never get that chance. CDC data shows that fatal overdoses increase in December and January. If you’re thinking about having one last blow-out before treatment, it could be your last binge ever — for an entirely different reason. Don’t take chances with your life. If you know deep down that you need help, get it now before it’s too late. 

Get Clean & Sober for the Holidays

Getting clean and sober over the holidays in rehab doesn’t have to be a depressing experience. You’ll make new memories with new friends who are walking the same path as you, and our supportive team will do their best to make your holiday a happy one. Call us today or send a chat to learn more about what it takes to get clean and sober for the holidays, so you can have a happy and health 2023 and beyond.

Getting Clean & Sober for the Holidays | Sunflower Recovery